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Destination: Seattle for a Night

February 2019

So on my way back from Bali, we had an overnight layover in Seattle, Washington. I'm apparently not as well traveled because this very brief overnight was my first time ever going to Seattle! Now, we got in around 10pm, so by the time we got all checked into the hotel, literally everything was closed except for one restaurant called the Crab Pot right on the Pier by Pikes Place Market. The food wasn't bad. It wasn't good, but it wasn't bad. The best part was definitely the views.

I absolutely love walks at night. Toss in some rain and I'm even happier! I loved the way the neon lights sparkled off the water on the ground. Everything was closed, there was nothing to do, but there is always beauty around you if you are willing to open your eyes.

This is literally going to be the world's shortest blog post ever because there is really not much for me to say. But since I already got you here, I might as well share a couple of snaps from the two hours I spent down at the pier!

Here ya go!

Hope you enjoyed these shots. Nothing exciting, but oh well. Hope to see ya again soon! Bye!

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