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Katlyn - Aspiring Makeup Artist

Welcome back for another look into one of the wonderful faces I've gotten to shoot! I am the firmest believer in finding friends in the most unlikely of places, and Katelyn is no exception! When I met Katlyn, she was working at my favorite carwash. Each time I came to get my truck a bath, I'd notice that Katlyn would have the most intricate, fun makeup looks. Each week, it was something more bright and bolder.

Finally, one day, I decided to roll my window instead of just passing through. Waving on my way into the wash, I stopped to tell Katlyn how awesome her makeup was. That moment is where the idea for a photo shoot popped into my head. While stopped, Katlyn mentioned she had a makeup page on Instagram, so naturally, I had to follow. By the end of the night, we were planning to shoot.

For this impromptu shoot, Katlyn decided to go with a fun, bright green cut crease look she'd been recently working on perfecting. She met me, makeup ready, at a local park along with her wonderful girlfriend. I'd never been to this location before, and we had no idea how it would look this time of year (gotta love winter), so we were completely winging it. With absolutely no plan or goal in mind, other than to have some fun, this is what we created.

I often get asked what my inspiration for shoots is, and honestly, I can't tell ya! It's about what I and the subject(s) are feeling in the moment. It's about never taking a moment too seriously and creating a memory, not just an image.

Anyways, I know this is a short post, but I had too much fun goofing around to not share some shots. I hope you enjoyed this edition of Faces! Let me know what inspires you on random shoots, or a shoot you've always dreamed of doing below in the comments. Also, like and subscribe if ya want!

Yours Truly,


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