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My Daily Gear

I want to start off by saying this: your gear does not limit what you can create. Now, lemme repeat that for the kids in the back. YOUR GEAR DOES NOT LIMIT WHAT YOU CAN CREATE! Having the newest, shiniest, most expensive gear is NOT what is most important! What is most important is your creativity and how you can maximize what you can do with what you have.

For years, I shot on a Canon Rebel T3i, then a Canon Rebel T6s, both with the stock lenses. And plenty of my photos in my portfolio were made with those. Can you tell me which ones? Yeah, I didn't think so. It's all about determination and being willing to try and try until you get what you want. Having the "best" gear is meaningless if you don't know how to use it, so no matter what, I recommend really learning your equipment.

Now that that's out of the way, let's dive in on what my favorite daily-use gear is. In this little TedTalk today, I'm going to tell you about my favorite camera body, on-location lens, and in-studio lens. These first 3 items are my LIFE SAVERS! Bonus points at the end for extra accessories that I can't live without. These are just my personal favorites! Remember, there are always cheaper versions of things out there, too! Don't be afraid to shop used or refurbished! I do!

Canon 5D Mark IV

Yes, it's expensive. And no, you don't need it. But here is why I love it! Some unique features that this camera has are the touch screen, WiFi connect and autofocus on video. I was honestly shocked when I found out that not all DSLRs autofocus on video. It just seems wrong to me. Now, I don't do video work a lot, but I do use it for class projects, so this might be a perk you like.

I am obsessed with the touch screen. I used to hate shooting in Live mode. I almost exclusively use the viewfinder when it comes to weddings and studio work, but LOVE the Live Mode when doing on-location portraits and still lifes. You can click on the desired subject, and it refocuses and tracks that item! Super helpful for the mo