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Oi! Yoi! with Micah

If you've worked with me, you know I typically shot on location and outdoors. The closest thing I have to a studio is my living room or my garage. Well, this week I got to try something new: Oi! Yoi! Natural Light Studio with my dear friend, Micah.

Oi! Yoi!, which is located in downtown Missoula, is a gorgeous studio space that you can rent by the hour. The space has a wonderful collection of different colored walls, quirky chairs and couches, unique lighting, and funky stools. You can also bring any additional props and items you might want to add, but even if you don't, the space is all set up and ready to go.

You might remember Micah from one of my previous posts. Micah, a former professor and current mentor/role model of mine, specializes in helping women-owned businesses market themselves. Of course, since her specialty is marketing, it's important for her to market herself, as well. Every couple of months, we get together (usually with her son, Wilder, as well) to create some content for her website and social media outlets. One of Micah's connections, Rio, happens to own Oi! Yoi!, giving u