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Senior Picture Outfit Tips

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Senior portraits can seem a little bit daunting, I know! But I promise they are not as scary as they seem. Below are some of my personal preferences and tips for maximizing your senior portrait experience. Again, these are just my personal preference; the most important part of any shoot is that you feel comfortable and confident!

Less Can Be More!

Senior pictures aren't all about crazy colors and wearing something crazy that pops.

The most important part of your senior portraits is YOU! Wearing a solid color or simple patterns really helps to bring the focus towards the most exciting part of the scene: your gorgeous face!

Don't Overdue It!

Like I said, crazy can draw the focus away from you. I personally find highly complicated outfits (crazy patterns, too many colors, lots of text) to be distracting and overwhelming!

Find Your Color!

Yellow is one of my favorite colors, but if we're being honest, it doesn't look great on me, which is totally fine. Knowing your color helps you to be more confident, and it's effortless. Just ask a friend! An outside perspective will not only help you know you look your best, but also might open the door for suggestions. Those close to you will remember how great that dress you wore to Aunt Margret's birthday looked long after you forgot you even owned it!

Also, consider your surroundings. When you're out in the woods, reds look fantastic and really pop against the green trees! Oranges, blues, and yellows go amazing with falling leaves. Consider what will make you stand out against your background.

When in doubt, you can never go wrong with at least one clean, crisp, monochromatic outfit. Black is the new black! It also always makes me feel like a badass.

Bring Multiple Bras and Comfy Shoes!

Bras are not one size fits all! There is nothing worse than having a crisp photo with a surprise appearance from your bright blue bra strap. Bring more than one. I recommend bringing both ones with great support and a strapless. If possible, carry both black and nude! And between us girls, I always show up to shoots wearing pasties just in case!

You also never know how much walking you are going to be doing. Heels can look great in photos, but the focus is your face. If those six-inch heels are cutting your feet, your face is going to show it. Comfort is key!

Pay Attention to Detail!

I know you love your lucky silver necklace. And yeah, for every day wear it isn't a big deal that it doesn't match the gold zipper on the front of your dress. That being said, for this occasion, uniformity helps to round out the entire look. It completes the aesthetic! It is worth it to switch out your necklace for another just for a few minutes! It will make a world of difference.

Bring Options!

You might be surprised how great your favorite top looks with those jeans you would have never paired them with. Bringing options of items that are mix and match-able opens a door of possibilities. It is way better to have items you don't use with you than to wish you hadn't left that hat behind.

Don't Forget Accessories!

A bold pair of earrings and a pop of color on a bracelet can bring in a special touch to your pictures. A headband or a hat can also be a fun touch.

Bring your ukulele, your favorite book, or your lucky volleyball. Show yourself off! I want to see what makes you tick. Show us what you are passionate about!

Be Quirky, Be Unique, Be You!

These images are you! If you have a favorite power jacket, bring it! Those shoes that make you feel invincible? Wear them! If you feel most confident in an oversized sweater, then wear it! These pictures are a reflection of who you are. They're as unique as you, so let it show.

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