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Why I Prefer Photographing Women

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

You know, I have nothing against shooting with men. They're great and funny and awkward! And I'm awkward.. so that's fun! That being said, I absolutely love shooting with women. I think that this passion started because of my own experiences and insecurities over the years. I think if I had to boil it down to three goals when I shoot with women, it would be to provide safety, confidence, and empowerment.

Now, I recently added these words to my home page. And I feel like others may read them and not resonate with them like I do, but those words mean the world to me. Strap in, because this shit might get a little personal. I invite you to join me for a little insight into why shooting with women is so valuable to me.


Don't worry, I'll start off gently. Let's start with confidence. I'll be honest, I've always been kinda weird. I've never been the cool kid. I was a choir nerd, a video game geek, a crazy horse girl, and just out of the box in general. I found passion in a lot of hobbies that weren't considered cool until well after I got out of high school. On top of that, I was generally insecure and had issues with depression, self-esteem, and self-harm. I know what you're thinking: this sounds like a lack of confidence, yikes! Where the heck does confidence come into play?

Well, my senior year of high school, I started modeling. And the more I modeled, the more confident