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Creative Crew MT - Elopement

One thing I love about photography is that even though I've been doing it for years, I always believe there is room for improvement and growth. With each new shoot, I not only learn more about myself as an artist, but I also get to interact with some pretty special people. This October, I had the opportunity to team up with Creative Crew MT on one of their shoots. This wedding-themed styled shoot featured not only Alicia and Mikayla Castro as our incredible models, but also teamed up with local business, Earth Within Flowers, for the incredible florals.

In case you don't know, Creative Crew MT is a local business run by two amazing gals, Jazzer-Rae and Karis Bedey. They host networking events for models, photographers, and creatives to collaborate in a fun, inclusive environment. I've gotten to go to a few of their events now, both as a photographer and as a model, and it is always a blast. For this particular shoot, Karis and Jazz were kind enough to invite me to fill an empty space, and it was worth every moment!

Now I know I don't exactly post much about shooting with couples, elopements, and weddings, but this type of photography is actually what I am most often booked for (trust me, I'm surprised, too). This past wedding season, I had the privilege of being involved with nearly 30 weddings, whether as the main shooter or seconding and working under other amazing photographers throughout Montana. Fun fact: even though I've been to almost 100 weddings at this point, I still cry at every single one, even the ones where I meet the bride and groom that day. That being said, I still have a lot to learn, especially when it comes to directing more than one person at one time.