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What to Expect when Booking with Me - a Complete & Candid Guide

The majority of us have never experienced a professional photoshoot before, which can make the experience daunting to say in the least. When you don't know what to expect, the booking process, as well as what to expect during and after your shoot, can be extremely intimidating.

In this post, I hope to take all of your fears out of this process by walking you through what to expect during each process of your session: Booking & Pre-Shoot, the Day of the Shoot, and Post-Shoot.

Note: I have tried to make this guide as complete as possible for the sake of transparency and clarity! It's longer thank I would like, and far too serious of a tone for my taste, but feel free to skip through to whatever applies to you, and please comment or message me if you have any questions!!!


Booking & Pre-Shoot


If you are hoping to connect with me, the most efficient ways to connect are either by sending me a message through my Contact Me form or through my DMs on Instagram. I love receiving an introduction to who you are, as well as what we are hoping to create together, whether you are looking to book grad photos, expand your modeling portfolio, create branded content for your small business, and more.

If I don't reply immediately, please don't get discouraged! I could be out on a shoot, or I live in Montana, so there is a solid chance I am out in the woods camping and just don't have service. I promise, I will respond ASAP!!



The number one question people have prior to booking is "How much is this going to cost?" The majority of the time, the shoot you are looking to do shouldn't require too much customization in terms of time, number of photos, and number of outfits.

Because of this, I have set standard prices for the majority of shoots I offer. For each type of shoot, there are a few options for packages. I am happy to discuss options with you so that we can find a package that best meets your needs.


Sample Contract (Beginning)

Once we have a package selected and have worked through some details, I will put together a contract that explains the specifics of your shoot (date, time, location, number of photos to expect, etc.) The contract will have you fill out some personal contact information, and then sign digitally. The purpose of this contract is to set expectations and protect both parties.

For example, my contracts set the expectation that if the subject is a minor, a parent/guardian must be present at the shoot. All parties, including myself, are required to sign a contract prior to the shoot. Without a contract in place, I do not feel comfortable completing the shoot.


As for invoicing, each client receives an invoice detailing what is included in their package - the amount of time shooting, number of outfits, and number of photos. Each package I offer includes an online gallery, full resolution downloads of the images, a print release, the option to purchase physical prints through me, and a pre-session consultation (more on that later).

In order to secure your session date & time, I require a retainer be paid for your shoot (amount varies by service). This is a requirement I am sad to have had to implement, but unfortunately, due to a few no-shows over the years, this has become something I have had to add. The retainer is not an additional fee and will be applied to the overall cost of your session.

Sample Invoice

The retainer and remainder balance can be paid online by card via the digital invoice, or in-person using cash or check. Please note that photos will not be delivered until the invoice has been paid in-full. Again, an unfortunate policy I have had to implement.

Pre-Shoot Consultation:

I think it is so uncomfortable and weird to have my picture taken by a total stranger. I equally think it is uncomfortable to take pictures of a total stranger! For this reason, I like to have a 20-30 minute "consultation" prior to each of my shoots, if possible, either over Zoom/FaceTime or at your favorite coffee shop. I call it a consultation, but the reality is far less formal and daunting. It's really more of a meet & greet meets Q&A session. During this time, we get to know each other a bit more and get rid of those anxious first-time-meeting vibes, as well as help refine your vision for your session.

This is a great time for us to work through some of the things that are stressing you out before your shoot: what should I wear, what if I'm breaking out during the shoot, what are some ways I can prepare? It is also a great time to discuss things that you aren't confident with or are unable to do during the shoot: I don't like having XYZ show in pictures, how can I feel more natural in front of the camera, I love this scar - can you be sure to leave it in? By the end of it, it is really my goal to make you feel comfortable and confident, like it's just another day asking a friend to snap a picture of you.


Day of the Shoot:

A little while before our shoot, you can likely expect a "Hello!" text. I guarantee I will be pacing around my house, feeling absolutely giddy that we have a shoot coming up! This text will also come with a time confirmation, just to confirm we are on the same page.

Once we meet up, I like to take a few minutes for us to gather our thoughts and make a game plan. I get my cameras all set up, double check batteries, lenses, and memory cards, and gather any additional items I will be carrying with us that day. This is also a great time for us to discuss a game plan for outfits and where we'd like to shoot each one at our location. I always say pack extra outfits, because you'll never regret having something you end up not using, but you may regret not having something with you that you wish you had. Please note, I do have a portable changing tent available upon request. It is nothing fancy, but just ask or remind me, and I'll be sure to pack it up in my truck!

Kate tip: I like to save your very favorite outfit for last, that way we have all of the early jitters out of the way, you'll be feeling your most confident, and we can end the shoot on a high note!

Once we have everything together and are all ready to hit the ground running, the fun begins. I don't really have a good way to describe the actual shoot process itself other than flowing. We go with the flow of events, working through outfits, poses, and locations in a way that feels right. I don't know how, but somehow this always ends up working out right on schedule. Pretty sure it is magic. Either way, it's not the scary, daunting production you might be expecting. Just bring your personality, and we'll be able to put together something you are confident about, I'm sure of it.




An Actual Response I've Gotten to Previews

Okay, the shoot has come and gone, so now what? Within the first few days after the shoot, you can expect to receive a couple of preview photos, either via text, DM, or email, depending on your preferred communication method. Don't worry, these previews are not the final gallery, and you will be receiving more and in a much more professional manner down the road! This is just so that you can get a little glimpse of what we created, and hopefully get you as hyped up as me for the final results!

Of course, I had to include one of my favorite reactions I have gotten to someone receiving a preview. This is the kind of energy we like to bring to our shoots. You should end up feeling elated and gorgeous, or we aren't doing it right!


Turn around time is another huge question, and that makes sense! We shot these amazing photos, so uhhhhh, where are they and when will I see them?! CAN I SEE THEM YET?!

For most sessions, I usually estimate turn around time and 3 to 4 weeks for me to complete editing. (Note: Turn around time is longer for weddings, as there are many more photos and moving parts than there are in a standard shoot.)

I know what you are thinking... Why does it take so long for me to send back a few pictures? A lot goes into the editing process (maybe I'll make a full blog on it one day), and editing is the majority of where I spend my time. Even with a flawless subject, there is still a lot that goes into editing - basic corrections, color grading, touch up. I've spent well over an hour on a single picture before! You know that old saying, "Good things come to those who wait?" Well trust me, it's well worth it!


Galleries will be delivered to you directly to your email, though if you lose that link, you should be able to find your gallery utilizing the Clients tab on my website. Depending on the subject matter, you should be able to access your gallery simply by entering your email. That being said, more sensitive content, such as boudoir, is only accessible through a password that will be provided with your gallery email.

Sample Gallery Login Page

In order to download images, you either click the download button on the individual images, or you can select the "Download All" button at the top right of your gallery. Depending on the privacy settings of your gallery, you may be asked to put in a code in order to download images. If prompted to do so, the download code will be provided in that email, as well.

Sample of Where to Download in Gallery

Galleries also include other fun features, such as selecting your favorite images, or sharing straight to social media. If you are interested in purchasing physical prints, let me know, and I will enable the shop feature so you can purchase straight from your Online Gallery, but if you prefer to purchase prints elsewhere, a print release will be included, as per your contract.


Okay, I think we have covered just about all of it! If you have any questions or suggestions on topics for me to add to this post or future posts, please feel free to Contact Me, or to comment below! Chances are if you are unsure of something, someone else has the exact same question!

I hope this was useful in helping you to understand what to expect from beginning to end when booking a photoshoot with me. Until next time!

Cheers, Katherine

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